Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

Abrasive wear can exhaust and ultimately destroy equipment in the oil and gas industry, from pipes and elbows to grates and hoppers on fracking units.

Our oil and gas wear parts include ceramic-lined cyclone tubes, replacement ceramic liners, small tube chain links for mobile units, drill bits, mineral-sizing machine (MMD) sizer teeth, replaceable teeth, rotary breaker plates and bimetallic liners, and pump casings and impellers.

We have a rotating supply of in-stock wear parts ready for quick delivery. We also specialize in customized and cost-cutting solutions designed for particular wear challenges.

Popular products include:

  • Ceramic lined pipes and elbows endure 10 times longer than unlined alternatives. Cast in one piece for maximum durability, Unicast ceramic liners (high chrome material) protect pipes and elbows from high abrasion. They are designed to match standard pipe flanges for easy installation in high-wear areas of the pipeline only and generate long-term cost savings in replacement parts and downtime.