Diverter Valves

Unicast Diverter Valves and Split Modular Valves set the standard for inline maintenance and durability, providing cost savings and minimized downtimes for bulk material handling plants around the world. Single-handedly perform routine maintenance in 4 hours or less, even if it’s installed 200 feet up in the air. No crane. No hoist. No lift. No stress. Just awe and respect as you get your entire plant up and running again in record-breaking time. Slash massive down-for-the-day, maintenance costs to dramatically improve your plant’s bottom line especially with an industry leading 25-year warranty!

Features & Benefits

  • 25 Year Warranty: Unicast is proud to state that we have the best valves in the industry. We back this up by offering a 25-year warranty on our valve bodies and ceramic liners. Cast to Last!
  • Quick Turnaround!: We typically stock our best-selling sizes (6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”) and therefore can have valves ready to ship in 2-4 weeks. Additionally, we supply 4”, 5” and 16” Diverter valves. Custom valve sizes up to 24” can be made to order.
  • 30-Degree and 45-Degree Angled Outlets Available: Same features of our most popular 45-degree angled ceramic lined diverter valve now available in a 30-degree angled outlet. Endless configurations for maximum flexibility and adaptability. 30-degree valve available in 6″, 8″, 10″. Custom sizes also available.
  • Split-Modular Valve: This newer, sleeker design is made to fit in spots with minimal clearance. It also facilitates easier and faster switching of Right-Left orientation convertibility. Available in sizes from 8” and upwards.
  • Handwheel Split-Modular Valve (NEW): No need for a snipe or a hammer! Just a simple turn of the wheel.
  • Split-Modular Valve with Direct Drive Motor (NEW): From the comfort and safety of your control room, Direct Drive does the work for you.
  • Ceramic Liners: High-wear areas are lined with 1/2” thick cast ceramic liners. Expected wear life of 25 years. Built to Last.
  • Right-Left Convertibility: Designed with a shaft hole on either side of the valve for quick and easy reconfiguration. One valve, two directions.
  • Large Access Panel: Inline maintenance within 4 hours. Easily replace wearing parts, such as the gate and seat, without a crane, hoist, or lift. Less downtime.
  • One-Piece Seat: Precision alignment between the gate and seat for a perfect seal. Easy to maintain, reduced chance of leakage, zero installation error.
  • Features Unicast electric gear motors. Also available with pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.
  • Cast Arm + Belleville Washers: Zero vertical shaft movement plus durable Belleville Washers reduce opportunity for corrosion and contamination.
  • Optional Guarding: Unicast can provide optional guarding for optimal safety.


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